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Volunteer Opportunities

Avondalecare are committed to encouraging greater social integration for individuals and families who are coping with mental health problems. We therefore welcome anyone who is interested in a volunteer position who feels that they would like to contribute to the benefit of their local community. We appreciate the benefit to all that comes from having a staff group that is drawn from all sections of our community and welcome enquiries from anyone irrespective of their age, gender, race or other factors.

Why Volunteer

  • A volunteer position at Avondalecare is great way to help and improve your local community
  • You can really help people to make significant improvements in their quality of life
  • You will gain a greater understanding of mental health issues
  • Avondalecare has an excellent free training programme for all volunteers which will not only improve your CV but also broaden your personal life experience.


We have links with both Kent University and Canterbury Christchurch University to provide volunteer positions to undergraduates wishing to improve the quality of their studies.

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to gain experience in the ‘real world’ of working in the mental health/social care field. It will also give you a greater understanding of what life is like for people who live with a wide range of mental health issues. This will not only be valuable to future employers in the Social Care sector but will also help you understand more accurately the needs of service users and how you can best help them.

Our free training programme will also enable you to gain practical qualifications in addition to your degree.

Service Users Volunteer Positions

We are happy to have any enquiries from service users who wish to volunteer at Avondalecare.

At Avondalecare we want the service we provide to be of genuine benefit so we encourage our service users to have part in directing any future developments in the service we provide. It is of great value to have constructive input from those who actually use the service so that we can improve and maintain what actually works for people. We would be happy to hear from any service users who would like volunteer to contribute to the service we provide

Service user volunteers can be especially helpful and encouraging to new service users as they provide a great example of the potential for recovery. In many cases they also have a fuller understanding of the challenges mental health problems cause and can draw on their own experience of how to deal with these difficulties successfully.

Volunteer Comment

"I have been volunteering at Avondalecare for a number of month now and since volunteering, I have learnt a lot from first hand experience and each day has been an eye opener. This type of work is very rewarding as you can see individuals improve over time and it makes you realise not to take certain things in life for granted. Avondalecare put the needs of the service user first and I believe they have their best interests at heart." - Kent University under-graduate volunteer

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