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Personality Disorder and Self Harm

On 4th and 5th Of March, Avondalecare invited down ‘Training and Vocational Initiatives in Personality Disorder’ team from Oxford NHS Trust to deliver 2 days on training Personality Disorder and Self Harm.

 The course was run by a professional with experience in the field in working with 2 facilitators with a PD diagnosis as well as two individuals with lived experience of PD.

The training days were enlightening especially the brutally honest personal stories of those with lived experience. The honesty and new found awareness to contextualise their own behaviours was refreshing for staff to understand what seems to many as inexcusable or manipulative behaviours.

The course provided not only practical information about diagnosis and the current process of the medical approach but also real world models, ideas and approaches for working in a non-medicalised environment.

If you would like to know more about our work with PD and Self Harm and the support services we offer in the community or in 24/7 Care environments then please get in touch.







June 2018

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