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How to use mindfulness to support staff wellbeing at Avondalecare

We like mindfulness here at Avondalecare, not because it's popular but because it works. The staff at Avondaelcare have been learning about mindfulness ideas and techniques for many years and the benefit is great. We have found that although it does not take our stresses away it doesn't help us have a new perspective and relationship with such difficult feelings as stress, depression and anxiety. 

We have just started up a new group for all staff which runs once a month and is an opportunity to meet, practice some mindfulness and talk about our experiences and issues with our practice. We have a number of mindfulness champions at Avondalecare who have undertaken the 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course and they help run the sessions. 

If you’d like to learn more about mindfulness and how you might change your relationship with your stress, anxiety or low mood then check out these resources below. There is lots of resources out there, some better than others. Here are a few popular places to start...

Meditation apps



Books on mindfulness 

Maybe I could suggest this one, which is available on Amazon and probably in waterstones in westwood. It also comes as an audiobook. 


Andy Pudicome explains how mindfulness can help

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