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What is Changing Minds CIC


Avondalecare believe very strongly that engaging in stimulating social activities is a very important part of life for everyone, and so we have set up a Service User steered Community Interest Company which starts operating November 2017. The CIC will be developing projects to promote peer and social engagment as well as to promote educational opportunities through links with Kent Adult Education and a Recovery College.

For those coping with mental health problems, regular positive and enjoyable social activities can be a great help in the recovery process. Sadly one of the common effects of poor mental health can be social isolation and loneliness. To help combat this unfair situation Avondalecare have developed the Social Inclusion Centre, located in a central part of Westgate-on-sea and close to public transport links.

The Social Inclusion Centre gives our clients opportunities to learn new skills, play sports, develop their creative talents and engage with a wider social network than just Avondalecare staff. It can be a place for people to meet and relax, listen to music and have a cup of coffee or it can be the meeting point for arranging a number of other activities. Some of the activities arranged through the SIC include:

  • Regular sporting activities (e.g. football, gym, badminton, golf, walking)
  • Creative classes (art, photography, music lessons)
  • A walking club
  • BBQ’s
  • A gardening club
  • Day trips (London, Theatre, Cinema)
  • Service user led discussion forum
  • Adult Education Classes
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