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Our Care

At Avondalecare we work successfully with a very wide range of needs and we tailor our support to be what is most practical and useful.

Every referral we get is considered on an individual basis. No case will be dismissed automatically on the basis that an individual falls into a category we do not work with. Our only principal criteria is that the individual be willing to work with us.

We have extensive experience dealing with some of the most challenging problems associated with mental health illness. We have successfully worked with clients who:

  • Have drug and alcohol related problems
  • Have been diagnosed with personality disorders
  • Have a forensic history of violence

We also have a number of clients who have a high degree of independence and simply require support in one or two specific areas such as lifts to shops/appointments or help managing finances.

All of our clients will have:

  • A qualified support worker for one to one support
  • Support visits at a time and place that is convenient to them
  • Variable levels of support that respond to an individual’s needs without interfering with their independence
  • Help to find and maintain their own private accommodation if required
  • Help to find opportunities to engage in voluntary work if desired
  • Access to the busy Social Inclusion Centre which provides a wide range of social activities
  • Access to the Emergency Out of Hours telephone line

To ensure we are able to assist other Care Professionals our organisation:

  • Participates in Psychiatric and Care Programme Approach review meetings when requested
  • Supports the medical approach and provides regular reports to Social Workers/CPN’s and/or Psychiatrists whenever necessary.
  • Have protocols for helping to maintain medication compliance.

How We Provide Support

After receiving a referral the process of providing support will normally follow these three stages: Assessment, Settling In and Recovery.

  • Assessment Stage

    After receiving a referral Avondalecare will arrange to visit the individual wherever is appropriate, including in hospital if necessary. The meeting is quite informal and provides the service user with the opportunity to meet one or two senior members of staff and ask any questions they may have.

    The meeting also enables Avondalecare to get a better understanding of the person’s current needs, priorities and goals. Together with any relevant paperwork supplied by the Local Authority we use this information to begin drawing up a comprehensive support plan that considers their needs including psychological, social and financial issues.

  • Accommodation

    If service users do not have their own arrangements for accommodation then Avondalecare will be happy to help. We have extensive experience in sourcing affordable and pleasant housing options and are usually able to do so in a relatively short space of time.

    Any specific housing needs or preferences (such as a garden, disabled access etc.) can be discussed at the initial meeting. We will then contact various existing partners with whom we work to arrange suitable accommodation options for the client that best meet their needs. We always endeavour to provide a range of options for service users to consider and will make arrangements for them to view the accommodation before making their decision.

  • Settling In

    Once it has been agreed by all parties for a client to come to us for support there will usually be a period of intensive support to help them settle in, especially if new accommodation is required. An experienced settlement worker will begin supporting the client from the time the support plan has been agreed to ensure a successful settlement. Later a suitable long term support worker may be appointed.

    Support at the settling in stage can include things like:

    • Help to register with local GP, Dentist etc.
    • Ensuring there is sufficient furnishings, heating and electric for accommodation and support with cleaning/repairs to their own homes if necessary
    • Help to organise any new medication regimes (blister packs/appointments for injections/Clozapine clinic)
    • Applying for any necessary benefits or any other support to organise finances
    • Attended CPA meetings if requested
  • Recovery

    Once a client has become settled and has all their immediate needs met the level of our support adapts to whatever the assessed needs of the individual are. The goal will be for them to have the necessary amount of contact with their support worker that is helpful in maintaining an independent, stable lifestyle.

    If at any point a client becomes unwell, we work alongside the relevant authorities and organisations to try to help that individual to recover stability without being hospitalised. If however periods of hospitalisation do occur then we will continue to visit and offer whatever support may be required.

    It is worthy of note that the vast majority of Avondalecare clients see a significant reduction in the frequency of readmissions to hospital. We believe this is because the regularity of contact enables our staff to spot triggers early and resolve them before hospitalisation is required.

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