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Rehabilitative residential placements

At Avondalecare we know recovery is possible for some and we can offer rehabilitative residential placements planned in concert with the service user, family and care professionals with a view to returning to independent or semi independent placement within the community.

Planning the process

Manager, Andy Waters and Avondalecare residential staff use a person centred approach in order to help service users to achieve their goals. We expect residents to be 'active players' as far as they are able in devising an effective way forward and maximising the opportunity for recovery and increased independence.

Any placement, whether it be long-term or short term and rehabilitative, will begin with a comprehensive assessment. Taking into account the history provided by allocated care managers, experienced Avondalecare staff will meet with the service user and and anyone else the service user considers important in the process to develop an understanding of needs upon which a person centred care plan will be agreed. This will be regularly reviewed alongside the service user.

Among interventions which may prove helpful are:

  • Access to community-based social inclusion activity
  • Mindfulness training
  • Access to Avondalecare Recovery College courses
  • Adult education classes in collaboration with Kent Adult education
  • Health awareness training including smoking cessation and walking groups
  • Peer support
  • Tenancy training
  • Health training and awareness
  • Support with seeking independent tenancies within the community
  • Assistance with skills for daily living including welfare benefits support, shopping skills, budgeting and managing medication.
  • Step across/ step down placements

Sometimes service users begin to experience a level of comfort in their current placement which, in fact, causes them to neglect their own self care and recovery possibilities and reduces the chances of community placement.

Complicating progress toward further recovery and increased independence are worries conveyed by the clients themselves and family members regarding the quality of any future community placement. Avondalecare has a history of supporting both clients and family members to appreciate what can be achieved and effectively supporting transfer into single occupancy or shared accommodation.

Residential care over a longer term

Avondalecare also offer residential care facilities for persons with severe and chronic mental health problems who are unable to live independently in the community even if they have had the benefit of our rehabilitation and recovery programme and subsequent intensive housing related support.

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