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Support Service

At Avondalecare we work successfully with a very wide range of needs and we tailor our support to be what is most practical and useful.

Every referral we get is considered on an individual basis. No case will be dismissed automatically on the basis that an individual falls into a category we do not work with. Our only principal criteria is that the individual be willing to work with us.

We have extensive experience dealing with some of the most challenging problems associated with mental health illness. We have successfully worked with clients who:

  • Have drug and alcohol related problems
  • Have been diagnosed with personality disorders
  • Have a forensic history of violence

We also have a number of clients who have a high degree of independence and simply require support in one or two specific areas such as lifts to shops/appointments or help managing finances.

All of our clients will have:

  • A qualified support worker for one to one support
  • Support visits at a time and place that is convenient to them
  • Variable levels of support that respond to an individual’s needs without interfering with their independence
  • Help to find and maintain their own private accommodation if required
  • Help to find opportunities to engage in voluntary work if desired
  • Access to the busy Social Inclusion Centre which provides a wide range of social activities
  • Access to the Emergency Out of Hours telephone line

To ensure we are able to assist other Care Professionals our organisation:

  • Participates in Psychiatric and Care Programme Approach review meetings when requested
  • Supports the medical approach and provides regular reports to Social Workers/CPN’s and/or Psychiatrists whenever necessary.
  • Have protocols for helping to maintain medication compliance.

How We Provide Support

After receiving a referral the process of providing support will normally follow these three stages: Assessment, Settling In and Recovery.

Community Support

Avondalecare provide support for individuals with a range of Mental Health problems, Learning disabilities and Autism. Our support aims to develop individuals to become resilient, self-reliant and as independent as possible within a warm and encouraging environment.

Our support staff will work hard on developing our client’s skills and providing them the opportunities to succeed and progress towards their goals. Each staff member is chosen and allocated carefully to deliver the best level of support possible and often go ‘above and beyond’ to provide what our client needs.

We are passionate about collaboration with our clients and work with them to improve our service, drive its direction and provide opportunities with a person-centred approach.

Some of the services available

  • Allocated 1-1 recovery co-ordinator/development worker;
  • Support with financial obligations (benefits, bills and saving);
  • Support to appointments;
  • Access to local community;
  • Social inclusion;
  • Adult education (Maths, English, History, Geography etc);
  • Mindfulness;
  • Psychological therapies; *
  • Housing related support;
  • Employment support and signposting;
  • Graded exposure.

Please call our welcoming and friendly staff to find out more on 01843 606511 or alternatively email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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