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Supported Living

Avondalecare has access to accommodation across Kent in the form of shared housing and single occupancy accommodations. This is part of our community support service where individuals are supported through a designated key worker.

In shared environments the service user will be expected to contribute a regular amount towards the house bills. The support offered in these environments can be more intensive and is easier to facilitate as we have access to the buildings. Having responsibility over the house allows us to reduce the risk to service users who may struggle to take full responsibility for a full single occupancy tenancy. These units have been very successful for individuals moving out of residential care who still require a flexible amount of oversight as they develop their own skills and coping mechanisms.

For those in single occupancy, they will have been assessed by us as either needing single occupancy for risk reasons or because they have the necessary skills and confidence to live independently. They will be responsible with support to pay their bills and manage their own tenancy.

Why not give us a call to see what availability there is.

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