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Providing residential care, supported accommodation and floating support locally for over 30 years.
We are all different, and at Avondale we respect the things that make us different. The solutions we offer are always personal to you and are designed to be flexible to your needs. Discover the variety of services we offer and talk to us about how we can support you to improve your life and health. We offer a 'pathway to independence' from higher support environments into lower support environments with seamless transitions between each.
  • Care Pathways

    From residential care to supported shared housing to individual tenancies to floating support, we provide a pathway to recovery and independence.
  • Social Inclusion

    We have a social inclusion centre available to all service users to provide a springboard to improved community integration and peer network development.
  • Outcome Focused

    We are focused on outcomes and provide flexible and creative solutions to complex needs.
  • Access to Housing

    We provide accommodation in many forms as well as access to safe homes in the private sector.
  • Expert Mental Health Support

    We have highly qualified experienced staff with skills to work with complex needs.
  • Make an Online Referral

    Make a referral in less than 5 minutes straight into a secure ICO registered database.

Housing Opportunities


RT @Avondalecares: This week staff have undertaken a 2 day training course on Personality Disorder and Self harm. Staff found the course en…

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One room taken in shared living unit in Garlinge, Kent.

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New Scheme opened Dec 2017, 2 bed with own bathrooms available in shared unit. Located in Garlinge, Kent.

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All rooms have now been taken in the shared supported living unit in Herne Bay, Kent. Keep following for updates on other shared properties in Kent.

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Service User Opinions

  • "Avondalecare provided me with support, and a worker who, when trying to work through my many problems, was non-judgmental, positive and offered me a look at where my future could be."

  • "I would say that the greatest gifts Avondalecare gave me was hope, a future, inclusion in a society I had for many years been on the outskirts of and the ability to see that I suffer from mental health issues, but am not defined by them."

  • "Since coming to Avondalecare I must admit at first I was still using some drugs but with the help of Avondalecare, my friends and family I have managed to stop taking drugs and drinking alcohol."

  • "For 10 years I slept on the streets, and had a lot of trouble because of it. Since coming to Avondalecare my thoughts ....are better now, I am happy now, and get to experience things that I have not done before like going to the horse racing festivals."

  • "Since joining Avondalecare it has helped me to have a social life which was virtually on existent before. Along with the support that the staff provide this has helped me with confidence when socialising with other people, and generally integrate in society."

  • "I feel like the staff have looked after me 100% because as a result of this care my confidence has grown and my self esteem is high and I am assertive when I need to be."

  • "I am not scared anymore. When I need to speak to any staff member of Avondalecare I know they will listen."

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